Rockstar Games has rolled out the 1.09 patch to fix a number of exploits and glitches in GTA Online including the unlimited money glitch, RP glitch, modded lobby cheats and more. However, hackers and discerning GTA Online gamers have unearthed a flurry of new unlimited money and RP glitches in 1.09 title update.

Now, in this latest trick for unlimited RP glitch, you will need to have two duplicate cars along with the aid of a friend in an online gaming session. The trick is to duplicate RP points via Los Santos Customs shop using a two-star wanted level as your bait. You will see exactly how you can accomplish this, later in this article.

An earlier IBTimes UK report discussed briefly about the ways of earning unlimited money through car duplication glitches in the 1.09 Patch. In another report we revealed ways of gaining unlimited RP through modded lobby cheats and Rooftop Rumble mission which is accessible after level 75 in GTA Online.

Those who have already tried modded lobby and Rooftop Rumble tricks can proceed with the newest trick for unlimited RP glitch via Los Santos Customs shop:

How to Level Up Quickly with Unlimited RP Glitch via Los Santos Customs After 1.09 Patch

  • Enter an online session with one of your friends in GTA Online.
  • Wait for your friend to place a request for a duplicate vehicle, same make or model including same upgrade components.
  • Now you exchange your car with your friend's car to get an instant 2 star wanted level.
  • With a two-star wanted level the Los Santos customs will refuse to accept delivery for your vehicle. So, turnaround and drive the car a little distance.
  • Wait until the two-star wanted level starts blinking at the top-right corner of your screen. The wanted level stars should final disappear and now you can drive the car inside the Los Santos customs shop.
  • As you enter the customs shop you will gain 200 Reputation Points (RP). Now, take your car back outside the shop. You should spawn outside at the same location where you started the glitch.
  • Now that you are outside the customs shop, jut run over to your friend's car and enter it. You will now receive another two star wanted level. Just drive the car back into the customs shop after the wanted level ceases to earn 200RP more.
  • Rinse and repeat the process to gain unlimited Reputation Points (RP) for quick level up. You can keep doing this to jump to level 300 or more in no time.
  • Your friend can also replicate the exact same moves to get two star-wanted level and then wait until the wanted heat level dies out. Then finally drive the car into the customs shop.

Tip: Sometimes the two-star wanted level might just keep flashing for a while, but you need to wait until it stops flashing to enter the customs shop.

If you are a sceptic, check out the video below: