GTa 5 Recreated SKY Fall

An enthusiastic group of Redditors has now recreated the 'Train Fight' scene in the 2012 blockbuster Skyfall starring Daniel Craig.

The redditors are a part of the subreddit GTA Adventures, which has a weekly challenge to film a recognisable scene from a movie.

The original scene from Skyfall has chasing down and Craig fighting an enemy on the top of a train as it spirals up a hill and shoots through tunnels.

Naomie Harris, who plays Money Penny, picks a spot from an elevated point so that she can assist Bond with her rifle by taking out his enemy. She has him and the enemy in her scope as they fight the train makes its way over a bridge.

However, she doesn't have a clear shot. Penny conveys the same to M, who, as always, is perched away comfortable in a control room thousands of miles away. M urges Penny to take the shot, despite the fact that it could hit bond.

Penny takes the shot and hits Bond in the process, sending him plummeting into the river under the bridge. As his body drops into the water, the scene slows up and the Skyfall Title song begins to play.

The re-enactment in GTA 5 is quite accurate, but the players have taken some liberties. The result happens to be a well made video that you'd love to share with your friends who are fans of GTA 5. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku