For those of you who want to make money playing Rockstar's GTA 5, Fred Pye could be the best example. According to a report from the Independent, Fred makes £24,000 a year playing GTA 5.

The 17-year-old student has been making a good deal of money by playing GTA 5, recording his footage and turning it into simple walk-through guides on YouTube.

Fred's video have become an important source of learning and guidance for GTA 5 players who have hit a road block in the game.

He teaches them how to complete tough missions, find rare items such as hidden eggs and to pull off the most amazing stunts in the game.

The report goes on to add that his videos have managed to garner over 25 million views till date and that he rakes in about £2,000 a month.

Have a look at Fred's channel. Currently, it has an excess of 138,000 subscribers. Below is an example of the kinds of videos he makes.

So how did he manage to achieve such success? Here is what he has to say about it.

"I set up the YouTube page around two-and-a-half years ago, it was just for fun really and I started putting up videos of Call of Duty," he said.

"When GTA V came out, it revolutionised the gaming world, the graphics, everything about it was just so much better than anything before it.

"I give people help, save them time, I tell them where certain things are in the game such as hidden cars, how to get more money, like a walkthrough.

"It can be a bit time consuming as it takes around three hours per video, but I think it's worth it as the more views I get, the more sponsorship I get.

"My parents are very supportive as they know I do my coursework and all of my schoolwork first," he added.