Rockstar has an exciting weekend planned for players of GTA Online starting 20 December through Sunday, 22 December.

The company is inviting players to join in for a "very special Social Club Event Weekend" in which it will offer free entry for users to try out an abundant selection of player-created jobs made using the Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta. This will serve as a great opportunity for gamers to sample many of the exciting new jobs created by members of the Social Club Community.

Rockstar will also be rewarding players who create exceptional races and deathmatches. Players who would like to nominate their jobs for the content should tag them with #CreatorWeekend before end of day Sunday.

Prizes include "GTA$1,000,000 and an exclusive unique vanity licence plate to use in-game (CRE8R, TOPCRE8R, NO1CRE8R, THECRE8R, I_CRE8)."

Rockstar will be picking a total of five finalists based on the number of positive ratings they receive on Social Club and also based on the discerning tastes of Rockstar Developers.

Players may head over to the GTA Online section of Social Club. There, they must search for the jobs that they have created. They must navigate to the details area of the job that they would like to nominate, click the Edit Tags button at the bottom, add #CreatorWeekend to the edit box and click "Save".

There are also some special deals on offer. Rockstar has announced that players will be able to claim an edge in capture jobs with 25% discounts on the Adder car, Dinka Double-T bike and the Buzzard chopper. Apart from this, there is a 50% off on all Armour vehicle upgrades. For players who have been considering investing in new vehicles or firepower, these deals should offer some solid discounts.

There is also a Social Club Event Sweepstakes, a live-stream Rockstar-hosted broadcast which will offer players tips on using the creator more effectively and much more.