Developer Rockstar released last week a GTA V 1.07 update, which helped it fix certain glitches such as making unlimited money in Los Santos and another related to player switching.

However, persistent gamers have now managed to find some new glitches after the entry of the 1.07 update.

Two of these glitches have been clearly explained by YouTubers. They allow players to make a significant amount of money in a very short time span. Players can even repeat them over and over if they are hoping to stack up more credit.

Of the two glitches shown below, neither has been fixed by the developer yet. However, given that Rockstar fixes these things rather quickly, players should take action right away to capitalise on them.

Both glitches require users to work with cars to exploit their weakness in return for massive chunks of cash.

The problem with glitches

Most gamers are of the belief that money glitches and other such exploits ruin the gaming experience by providing an unfair advantage to some. But many have complained that making money on GTA multiplayer is not really as easy as they would like it to be.

Rockstar, in response, has always done its best to clean up glitches with constant updates, so as to even the online playing field. While it has been successful in fixing older issues, players around the world have been able to find two to three new exploits for every fixed glitch.