Marvel Studios' Guardians Of The Galaxy was undoubtedly a big hit when it was released in 2014 but thanks to it being heavily rooted in science fiction – arguably more so than any other superhero movie in the franchise – fans have always had their questions about certain moments. One particular thing that left fans confused was how Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) managed to stay alive after he took off his helmet in the middle of space in order to put it on Zoe Saldana's unconscious Gamora.

Now, with Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 less than a year away from release, director James Gunn has taken to Facebook to explain the scene and defend its science-based accuracy. "He blew all the air out of his lungs," he wrote. "You can stay alive in outer space for a short while if you don't have air in your lungs," he said.

"The scene is in slow motion, so it's longer than it seems. AND Rocket clearly says there's some atmosphere outside of Knowhere – just because there's no gravity doesn't mean there's zero atmosphere."

Gunn continued to pen the fabricated interaction on the Frequently Asked Questions section of his profile, suggesting that the person asking him the question would respond that that explanation wouldn't tie in with actual scientific research. "People EXPLODE when they're out in space without a space mask. I saw it in a documentary called Total Recall," the quizzer supposedly would reply. "No they don't, that's a myth and that's not a documentary," Gunn jokingly finished. Well there you have it!

Starring existing cast members Glenn Close, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Vin Diesel and of course, Saldana and Pratt as well as newcomers Nathan Fillion, Pom Klementieff and Kurt Russell as Star-Lord's father, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is currently scheduled for a UK release in cinemas on 28 April 2017 and 5 May in the US.

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