Dramatic drone footage from Guatemala taken days after mud and rock engulfed the small town of Santa Catarina Pinula last week has emerged, revealing the extent of the devastation that killed more than 150 people. Filmed on 3 October, the drone video reveals earth movers and rescue workers trying to clear the mud, earth and debris that swallowed the El Cambray II neighbourhood in Santa Catarina Pinula, which lies at the bottom of a deep ravine.

At least 300 people are still accounted for. So far, no survivors have been found at the site, and rescue workers say the chances of finding anyone alive under the 120,000 tonnes of earth that buried the area are close to zero, but search teams will not give up.

Guatemala's government, which is in disarray after former President Otto Perez was forced to resign and was arrested on corruption charges last month, declared three days of mourning for those lost in the landslide. It has vowed to relocate those still living in risky areas nearby to avoid a repeat disaster.