The smallest puppy in the world has been named after singer Beyonce Knowles!

A daschund-mix, the puppy was so tiny when she was born, she could actually fit into a spoon - she measured less than four inches, according to a report in The Sun.

Beyonce was born to mother Casey, who was found abandoned on the streets of California and about to be euthanised, when the Grace Foundation of Northern California rescued her. Beyonce was born 8 March.

Due to her extraordinarily small size, Beyonce needed to be bottle-fed every hour because her mouth was too small to be able to nurse properly. In two weeks time, however, she has reached the size of an iPhone!

Fortunately, the tiny pup has been declared to be healthy and normal!

Meanwhile, the foundation has submitted an application to the Guinness World Records, for Beyonce to be considered the world's smallest puppy.

The previous record was held by a Chihuahua called Boo Boo, who measures 10.16cm (4in) and lives with Lana Elswick, of Raceland, US.

Take a glimpse of the cute and small Beyonce...