One person has been killed, while two others were left injured when a gunman opened fire after a dispute over a dice game at the campus of Tennessee State University in the US. The two injured victims were taken to a hospital but the details of their conditions are unknown.

According to police, the shooting occurred around 11pm on Thursday (22 October) and about two hours later the campus entrance was blocked off. The police responded to the shooting at the campus at 3500 John A Merritt Blvd and the injured pair were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Tanya Stone, the operations supervisor for the Metro Nashville emergency communication centre said.

The police in Nashville have not disclosed if they are still on the lookout for the shooter or whether they have made an arrest. The university's police dispatchers have also not released any further information, nor has the university spokesman made any comments on the shooting, which has cost the life of one person. It is also not known whether the victims were Tennessee State University students.

Just a week ago, three students − one a Tennessee State University student − were shot at by three armed men after they were denied entry to a house party of more 100 people, organised near the Tennessee State University. The incident left one victim, aged 20, in a critical condition.

The 22 October shooting comes after one of the deadliest US mass shootings in the past two years, where gunman Chris Harper-Mercer executed nine people and wounded seven others at Umpqua Community College, Oregon, earlier in October. A few days later, 18-year-old Steven Jones shot and killed a fraternity member and wounded three others at Northern Arizona University's in Flagstaff city.