Nickcole Dykema
The interior of the Nickcole Dykema's mobile home is pictured in this undated handout photo, provided by the Hernando County Detention Centre. Dykema, a Florida woman living in a mobile home that was "booby trapped" with 3,714 knives, swords and other bladed weapons, was in jail on September 17, 2015, after she tried to attack officers who had come to arrest her, the Hernando County Sheriff's Department said. REUTERS/Hernando County Detention Centre/Handout via Reuters

Florida police announced they have removed thousands of "bladed instruments" from the home of a woman who allegedly attempted to stab a sheriff deputy. According to authorities, Nickcole Dykema tried to stab a sergeant with a large sword or machete on the night of 15 September.

Dykema was found in a mobile home which was filled with thousands of knives, swords and bladed weapons. The weapons reportedly numbered 3,714, CBS News reported. Police also discovered an apparent shrine with fake body parts from dolls.

Nickcole Dykema
Nickcole Dykema is pictured in this undated booking photo, provided by the Hernando County Detention Centre. REUTERS/Hernando County Detention Centre/Handout via Reuters

According to CBS News, police went to the Brookesville, Florida home to help arrest Dykema, who had multiple felony warrants for her arrest. Dykema was allegedly caught shoplifting in December and was placed on probation, with the condition that she could not be in the possession of weapons.

WTSP, a CBS affiliate, reported Dykema drew the attention from probation officers after allegedly slashing screens and destroying an air conditioning unit outside of her neighbour's home. Officers from the Hernando County Sheriff's Office arrived on scene to assist with the arrest, where they were met by a resistant Dykema, who refused orders to exit her home.

Police then forced entry, leading Dykema to attempt to stab the sergeant. Hernando County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Denise M Maloney told The Washington Post, "She struck the knife through the front door and attempted to stab Sgt. [Chris] Calderon in the face and head."

Authorities engaged with the 47-year-old in a five-hour standoff, shooting her twice with bean bag rounds.

CBS News reported that Dykema allegedly advanced towards officers while armed several times, before officers used a Taser on her and took her into custody. "[The sergeant] would've been well within his rights to both legally or morally, and ethically to use deadly force on her. The fact that he didn't is his call," Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis told WTSP. "It's by the grace of God that everyone went home safe."

Dykema is being held without bond and is charged with property damage/criminal mischief, resisting an officer and assault on a law enforcement officer.