Given that Valve, the company behind the Half Life franchise, has been a big supporter of VR technology Oculus Rift, there is a small chance that we might see it see it playing a big role in the purported Half Life 3 game.

The company announced back in 2013 that Half Life 2 will support VR technology from Occulus Rift, indicating that the game's purported sequel will most probably use VR as well. The reason being that if Valve is supporting an emerging technology, then it is most probably because it wants to use it in its upcoming games.

And when it comes to Half Life 3, the company has remained rather silent about the game despite requests and petitions from fans.

Valve's founder and CEO, Gabe Newell, recently announced on Reddit that he would do an AMA or Ask Me Anything session, if his choice of charity, the Seattle Children's Heart Center, received $500,000 in donations. It goes without saying that Half Life 3 will definitely be the most talked about topic during the online event. Read more about that here.

Apart from this, hope came in the form of a screenshot in October 2013 when Reddit users managed to grab screenshots of the various internal development groups on Valve's User Picker when it was left open for a short while. Read more about that over here.

But in December 2013, Valve destroyed all hope of Half Life fans by saying, "We promise to stop jerking fans around and admit we have no idea what we're going to do for Half-Life 3," when it was asked to reveal its new year's resolution to Game Informer along with several other studios. Read more about that here.

Source: Gaming Bolt