The Palestine-based Hamas network has claimed to have "hacked into" the computers of Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and leaked vital information about earlier operations.

The Palestinian group has posted footage of the Protective Edge, IDF's operation in Gaza Strip against Hamas fighters, which they claim was obtained through hacking, suggest local reports.

The Arabic caption on the video read: "On 19 July, an operation was performed to penetrate behind enemy lines during Operation Protective Edge. Our fighters were ambushed for six hours in enemy territory, until they reached the set goal: three jeeps. During an attack two jeeps were hit, and we killed several [IDF soldiers]."

The IDF has not directly responded to the contents of the video, however there are contradictions between the Hamas footage and the accounts earlier reported by the Israeli army.

On 19 July, the IDF said the Hamas militants fled the scene, but the video shows the fighters calmly walking back with some of them carrying IDF rifles. Two Israeli soldiers were killed in the incident.

"We treat the information leaked with the utmost seriousness. The chief of staff has given instructions to set up an investigation team led by the Information Security Department in cooperation with the Shin Bet [Israel's intelligence service] and the military prosecutor's office," IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Moti Almoz wrote on his Facebook page.

The latest encounter is another example of the cyberwarfare engaged between the two rivals, which has been increasing in the last several months.