The premiere episode of Hannibal season 3 showcased a glimpse of Lecter's new life with Bedelia in Florence, but fans sure missed FBI agent Will Graham as he was nowhere to be seen in episode 1 titled Antipasto.

In Primavera, the second episode, we will see Graham recover from Hannibal Lecter's deadly attack and start the hunt for the cannibal psychiatrist in Europe, the synopsis suggests.

The synopsis reads:

"With his wounds now healed, Will Graham heads to Europe eight months after the horrific event that almost took his life, in search of closure with Hannibal Lecter. Following a hunch, Will arrives in Palermo, Italy to find a disturbing gift. Will's arrival draws suspicion from Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi (guest star Fortunato Cerlino), who twenty years earlier pursued a Florentine killer known as 'Il Mostro' and, after reading Will's file, believes that Hannibal Lecter and 'Il Mostro' are one and the same. Pazzi tries to enlist Will's help in catching Hannibal, but Will warns that he is unsure of where his own allegiance lies."

In the previous episode, the chemistry between Bedelia and Hannibal appeared magnetic as the two were trying to understand and explore their relationship.

Lecter was seen farming snails on the severed body parts of his victims, while Bedelia, on the other hand, is of the view that she is controlling her patient. However, the premiere episode showed that she is slowly falling into the mind games being played by her accomplice Lecter.

In the upcoming episode, fans would see Graham Will come a little close to his assaulter, as inspector Rinaldo Pazzi comes to his aid in capturing Hannibal.

Hannibal season 3 episode 2 titled Primavera will air on NBC on Thursday, 11 June.