Hannibal Season 3 plot spoilers: Super weird episodes teased by Showrunner Bryan Fuller
Hannibal season 3 premiere date is yet to be announced by NBC Hannibal/Facebook

With the filming of Hannibal season 3 on in full swing, fans are eagerly awaiting to learn more about Dr Hannibal Lecter and his next victim in the super-hit psycho thriller.

The first thee episode titles of the NBC hit series' third season have been revealed. They are titled as Antipasto, Primavera and Secondo.

The seventh episode is titled as Digestivo and is touted as the best one of the season.

Filming for the first half of the popular horror thriller completed in Italy and shooting for the second half resumed in Canada earlier this week.

The season 2 finale had a cliffhanger ending as Lecter stabbed Graham and left him to die. Lecter then boards a plane to France along with Dr Du Maurier.

If fans are thinking that there nothing is more horrifying than a woman being removed from a horse's body and a bird from the woman's corpse, showrunner Bryan Fuller teased that more gut wrenching violence is up ahead in season 3.

Below is his tweet suggesting that seventh episode might be the greatest one of the series.

Earlier, Hannibal writers had weighed the utter creepiness of season 3 and had tweeted the following:

According to Cartermatt, the first part of the upcoming season may follow Lecter's escape journey while Will Graham (who recovers from the stab wounds) will hunt him all the way to Italy.

The second part of the series may "dive deeper into the Red Dragon mythology," the website further suspects.

Hannibal season 3 will premiere in 2015, but NBC have not confirmed the telecast date as yet.