Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale has been linked with a move back to the Premier League. Getty Images

Harry Redknapp believes Gareth Bale could win the Premier League for Manchester United. The 68-year-old was Bale's manager at Tottenham Hotspur and thinks he could prove to be the league's most decisive player if he signs for the Red Devils.

Bale, 26, is currently playing in Spain with Real Madrid but he is rumoured to be unhappy with the abrupt sacking of Rafael Benitez. He has also been persistently linked with a move back to England, with United thought to be among the interested clubs.

"He's a special player who can make the difference," Redknapp told BBC Radio Wales. "Wherever he went, whether it's Man Utd, Chelsea or Manchester City, or back to Tottenham he could make that much difference. He's a fantastic player. I think Real would want to keep him but you just don't know what clubs are thinking."

Redknapp also disputed the suggestion Benitez's departure will having any bearing on Bale's future at Real. "I wouldn't think that Gareth's situation would depend on Rafa Benitez. He plays for Real Madrid at the end of the day, it's one of the world's greatest clubs," he said. "If he wants to leave I don't see it being suddenly because Rafa Benitez has lost his job. If he decides he wants to leave it's because he wants to come back to England."

However, the former Queens Park Rangers boss suggested Cristiano Ronaldo's rumoured transfer from Real may encourage Bale to remain in the Spanish capital. "If Ronaldo goes, Gareth would become the number one player there in my opinion," he said.

New Real manager Zinedine Zidane recently acknowledged Bale may be "upset" by Benitez's sacking. "I understand Gareth might be upset with Rafa's departure but he will get the same affection and support from me as from Rafa," he added. "He is an important player and a key player for the squad. He's phenomenal and we're going to give him all the care and support he needs."