Recently single Harry Styles is reportedly on the market for another older woman to date following his split from actress Olivia Wilde, and has his sights set on Shania Twain.

Fans are now well aware that the 28-year-old British crooner is not picky about age when it comes to his romantic relationships. He dated 38-year-old and mum-of-two Wilde for two years after they met on the set of their film "Don't Worry Darling" in 2020.

Now, he reportedly has 57-year-old Twain on his mind even though she has been married to businessman Frédéric Thiébaud since 2011. National Enquirer in its Jan. 30 issue called the "Watermelon Sugar" singer a "cougar-hunting hunk" who is "on the prowl" again after his split from Wilde in November last year.

"Harry just fawns over Shania," a source told the newspaper adding that "he had a huge crush on her when he was a little kid." Styles reportedly "can't believe his luck that he gets to hang out with her now."

The former One Direction singer and Twain reportedly hit it off right away after they met in 2020. They even performed together on stage during last year's Coachella. She called the moment "one of the highlights" of her career in an interview with Today.

Twain shared that when she first met Styles "he was just really on his way up" and they "stayed in touch ever since." She said, "He invited me to the Coachella performance. We're just very easy together, it's like we've known each other for a very long time."

The insider added that Styles' crush on Twain is not lost on her because she knows what it feels like. "Shania had a crush on Elvis Presley when she was a kid but never got to meet him, so she understands how Harry might feel." But "it's a little different for Harry. Shania is still as hot as she was when Harry developed his boyhood crush."

However, reports that Styles wants to date Twain are merely rumours. Claims that he fawns over her are baseless and may have only been triggered because of their sexy duet at Coachella.

Harry Styles
British actor-singer Harry Styles attends the 'My Policeman' premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Photo: AFP / Geoff Robins AFP / Geoff Robins