If you have been following former "Coronation Street" actress Helen Flanagan, 21, over the past few months, you could not have missed the generous amounts of cleavage her dresses have been offering up.

The actress, who played Rosie Webster on "Coronation Street", has been wearing especially low-cut dresses recently.

"Sometime I think maybe I do bring the attention on myself because I like to wear low-cut dresses. But that's what girls do. Have you seen what some girls my age wear when they go out on the town?" Helen asked The Sun.

The Jean Paul Gaultier dress she wore recently had several people pointing fingers at her wardrobe. So much so that poor Helen actually came out and said on Twitter that she was embarrassed.

"I cant lie I'm really embarrassed about my boobs..." and she later said "Polo necks for me from now on," tweeted Helen.

The shift, to a black polo neck t-shirt, though, was temporary. The star returned to what she says she likes wearing and recently even flaunted a £800 hair extension.

Check out some of Helen's recent snaps here... and her more provcative ones here...