Jeffrey Tambor in Hellboy II
Hellboy actor Jeffrey Tambor slams comic book creator Mike Mignola after announcing he's working on a reboot without director Guillermo del Toro and actor Ron Perlman Columbia Pictures

Earlier this week, Hellboy comic book creator Mike Mignola revealed a movie reboot was currently in the works with horror filmmaker Neil Marshall and Stranger Things actor David Harbour set to bring the titular half-demon to life.

While fans of the existing franchise were just glad that the material was making its way on to the big screen once again, others weren't too happy that Guillermo del Toro – who directed the previous two movies – and Ron Perlman – who starred in them – were not involved.

Someone who seemed particularly perturbed about the news was actor Jeffrey Tambor, who appeared in both Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army as Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense director Thomas Manning. Taking to Twitter, the 72-year-old Transparent actor reacted to Mignola's announcement condemning him for his lack of loyalty to Del Toro and Perlman.

The Arrested Development actor went on to clarify that he didn't necessarily mean Mignola should have involved Del Toro and Perlman in the reboot but should at least have given a shout-out and thanked them for making the franchise what it is today. He explained in separate tweets:

"All Mikey had to do was a one sentence thank u 2 Guillermo Ron and Doug its all context, guys.and professionalism Manning "Out"--I mean,out."

"Number of nudges via email to go easy on Mikey this am. Mikey shud thank Ron and Doug and Gbt In his press releases as a preface.B amensch."

"Getting lots of emails from higher ups saying Jeffrey please shhhhhh and oh--also characterizing my friends--."

A 'mensch' is "someone with integrity and honour" so Tambor is not best pleased with Mignola's actions. Many fans of the fantasy series – which made its cinematic debut in 2004 – supported Tambor in his mini-rant too, with one user saying: "Those guys [Del Toro and Perlman] gave their heart and souls for that property. Them not being acknowledged says a lot about @artofmmignola @DavidKHarbour." Another labelled Tambor, the "real MVP."

Others came to Mignola's defence, arguing that he created the story so he should be able to do what he wants with it. "Hellboy was doing just fine before the movies," one supporter said. "The franchise was built from Mike's brain and his two hands. His choice where to go next."