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The high demand for entrepreneurship urged more people to venture into business. Since innovative technology continues to develop around the world, most entrepreneurs opt for e-commerce businesses, where they operate digitally or with the use of the internet.

For novice entrepreneurs, starting and managing a business may be challenging, especially for women, due to the gender gap and inequality. However, that must not be a hindrance for female entrepreneurs. Aside from their skills and strengths, an informative database will also help them succeed in managing their business and honing their knowledge and skills.

The BOLD Open Database is among the key factors that will lead them on a successful business journey, where they can get more opportunities in the business industry and empower themselves as entrepreneurs.

What BOLD Open Database Offers?

BOLD Open Database is the first-ever global and advanced open database designed with a scientific, economic, and social approach that identifies and promotes female entrepreneurs across the globe through technology and information exchange.

It provides more opportunities for female entrepreneurs, which benefits the entire economic system as well. Meanwhile, businesses looking for reliable and professional female entrepreneurs can find the right candidate efficiently. They can select the country they prefer or near their business location to view the number of female entrepreneurs and choose from them by checking their profiles on the website.

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All the information in the BOLD Open Database is shared voluntarily by female entrepreneurs in compliance with the General Terms of Use and the Agreement, which states the obligation to share only correct, honest, and current information. All registered users must also comply with the terms and conditions for security and safety.

How Does the BOLD Open Database Empower Female Entrepreneurs?

BOLD Open Database can be a stepping stone for female entrepreneurs to learn more about the business industry that will guide them in starting and managing their own businesses in the future with enough knowledge, skills, and experience.

It can also help them discover their skills and explore more opportunities most suitable for them. Female entrepreneurs will have higher chances of participating in progressive business ventures. They will also be able to prove themselves by showcasing their skills and knowledge.

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With all the obstacles that female entrepreneurs encounter in the business world, including lack of access to funding and technology, socioeconomic inequality, gender inequality, discrimination, and exposure to violence, BOLD Open Database paved the way for them to feel supported and valued in the industry by providing them with better opportunities.

In that way, it will debunk the notion in the patriarchal society that women are incapable of being excellent entrepreneurs. More female entrepreneurs will be encouraged to try working in different fields. They will also thrive in their respective fields as they gain knowledge and skills.

If you're looking for female entrepreneurs for your business, you can create an account in the BOLD Open Database to access the profiles of participating female entrepreneurs who might be the best fit for it. You will also receive all the latest news, projects, and developments on the website.