google home mini
Isabelle Olsson, lead designer for home hardware for Google, Inc, introduces the new Google Home Mini at a product launch event ELIJAH NOUVELAGE/AFP/Getty Images

While voice-activated devices and smart assistants may have become commonplace for many, the technology can still be baffling and even frightening to some. Just after Christmas Day, YouTuber Ben Actis posted a video of his 85-year-old Italian grandmother's first interaction with the new Google Home Mini in Florida and the internet has already fallen in love with her.

"Hey, Goo Goo," the grandmother screams at the device perched on the table in a thick accent, trying to get its attention. Her family suggests that she try saying "Ok, Google" and ask it about the weather.

After a few tries, she asks the device for the forecast for Flagler Beach, Florida.

"In Flagler Beach tomorrow, there will be showers with a high of 65 and a low of 56," the Google Home Mini responds to which she climbs out of her chair, confused and shocked.

"I'm scared," she says, taking a few steps back. "It's a mystery. Oh my gosh."

She then tries tapping on the Mini and asking it to play her favourite Italian song to giggles from her family.

Needless to say, her cute reaction has captivated the hearts of many on social media. Posted last Wednesday (27 December) on YouTube, Actis' video has since gone viral, garnering over 1.3 million views and 22,000 likes.

"Omg she's so adorable," one commentor wrote. "Your grandmother is the sweetest!" another said.