Six days away from the 2016 US election new polling shows Hillary Clinton six points ahead of her rival Donald Trump. This is despite an FBI probe of emails linked to a past investigation that cleared her of wrongdoing.

Voter sentiment was sampled for the Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll from 28 October to 1 November after FBI Director James Comey sent a controversial letter to government officials last Friday (28 October).

Comey told congress the FBI may have found more emails linked to the investigation of Clinton's use of a private server to send email as Secretary of State. The emails are being reviewed to see if they bear any importance to that case. Comey closed it in July without pressing charges.

The new poll shows Clinton with a 45% share of the vote and Trump with 39% in a sample of 1,772 voters.

This puts Clinton ahead of where she was before the renewed scrutiny of her email practices came to light.

From the beginning of the week polls of the popular vote have shown Clinton losing ground to Trump, with the Republican edging ahead of her in an ABC/Washington Post poll over the weekend. But new data in that tracking poll has also shown Clinton leaving behind losses reported earlier in the week, giving her a three point lead as of Thursday 4 November.

Other new polling from CBS News/NY Times also shows Clinton with a three point lead.