US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has announced her first move as president would be to bring her husband Bill Clinton out of retirement "to fix the economy". The Democrat frontrunner, whose husband was the 42<sup>nd president of the US and was impeached by the House of Representatives before being acquitted by the Senate, told a rally at Fort Mitchell her husband had "more ideas" than anyone she knew.

"After those eight years of my husband's two terms [there were] 23 million new jobs – the most in any peacetime period... in the 90s everybody's income went up – why didn't that continue?" Clinton queried.

"My husband, I'm going to put [him] in charge of revitalising the economy because you know he knows how to do it. And especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out.

"I've told my husband he's got to come out of retirement and be in charge of this because you know he's got more ideas a minute than anybody I know," she added.

Clinton has long hinted her husband would play an active role in the White House if she is elected president, mentioning the economy as an area he is likely to be involved in, but the rally was the first time she specifically mentioned he would be in charge of "revitalisation".

In addition, the presidential hopeful is no doubt attempting to capitalise on the former president's popularity among voters, with an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showing 56% of respondents have a very positive or somewhat positive opinion of Bill Clinton.