Top secret documents from the Nazi regime detailing a classified mission to bomb Germans with V-2 rockets fired by their own side, are to be sold at auction.

The files were rescued from flames at the end of World War Two after officials in Adolf Hitler's regime tried to destroy them, realising that the war was lost.

They form part of evidence that German civilians were the targets in test runs of the V-2 missile, which was a 'last throw of the dice' for Hitler and his generals to halt the slide toward defeat to the Allied powers.

In 1944 German targets pounded by the V-2 were in the region of Pomerania, where the long-range missiles flew from a launch-site in Peememunde. Special units evaluated the extent of the damage and reported back to the Fuhrer.

The cache of 40 papers were issued to an obscure unit called Kommandostelle S, about which almost nothing is known.

The terrifying V-2 rockets, against which there was no defence, were then used to devastating effect against London killing and injuring 10,000 civilians. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 slave labourers died building the he rockets the V-2s - the V standing for Vergeltungswaffe, or vengeance weapon)

The documents reveal the contempt Hitler's regime also had for its own citizens, whom the Fuhrer blamed for the failure of his vision to create a 1,000 year Reich.

Chiswick Auctions is handling the sale of the files next week. Auctioneer Richard Westwood-Brookes said he was confident the documents were authentic, having being passed to them by a reliable contact in Germany who was involved in US president Barack Obama's visit to Germany last year.

"They are in the original typescript with original writing," he said. "The test is always the question of how much trouble would a forger go to in order to make the sale? They usually focus upon things like signed photographs of senior figures."

The historic files are available to view at Chiswick Auctions in west London, until next week.