The Royal Academy of Art in London is featuring an exclusive exhibition dedicated to the spectacular landscape works of English painter-photographer, David Hockney.

The "one man show" which runs from Jan-April, 2012 is dedicated to a single genre by the artists - landscapes - and comprises the use of high-tech tools, multi cameras and low-tech media-like paintings.

According to Bloomberg, the phrase "A Bigger Picture" can be interpreted in two different ways. One is that the larger the picture, the closer the viewer feels to it.

The other implication of the phrase is that Hockney has used the medium of multiple cameras such that the viewer can see the picture from varying angles.

The exhibition features 150 exclusive artworks by the painter, most of which are created in the last decade. The event was hosted following the success of the earlier landscape exhibition of 50 creations that was showcased at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2007.

The Telegraph UK reported that most of the paintings depict the countryside around Bridlington, the small Yorkshire seaside town where Hockney has lived for seven years. These include artworks made of watercolour and outdoor oil painting featuring country lanes and wheat fields.

Some of his latest creations are mainly large scale oil paintings done in the studio and some others that were done on his iPad.