A UCAS letter rejecting a Harry Potter fan's application to do a degree in "wandology" at Hogwarts University has gone viral online.

The student snubbed traditional institutes to apply for a place at Hogwarts University, apparently a spin-off of JK Rowling's fictional Hogwarts School.

In the hilarious response, allegedly from the UCAS CEO Mary Curnock Cook, the aspiring wizard's hopes of studying at the magical university were dashed.

UCAS letter
Better Luck Next Year: The Harry Potter fan failed to get accepted into the fictional university. Twitter

"Dear Applicant, we regret to inform you that your application to the stated establishment cannot be processed at this time due to the fact that it does not exist," the letter reads.

"After consultation with our mystic advisors we have also determined that even if it did exists, the course 'Wandology' would be highly in demand and hence require at least two As and a B in any of the following subjects:

Advanced Spellcrafting, Mystimatics, Defence Against the Dark Arts, History of the Occult and Shaft Design."

It continues by stating that he or she's "top marks in 'Waving a stick about", "wearing a pointy hat" and "watching Paul Daniels TV Specials" could not be accepted, before advising that they could try resubmitting by typing a "letter to an owl and (hope) for the best".

Despite the rejection, twitter user @Quantumpirate, posted the letter on Twitter and vowed not to give up.

"Oh well, maybe next year," they captioned a snap of the message.

However, members of the online community have questioned the authenticity of the letter, since Curnocks Cook's name was misspelt. In any case, the UCAS boss appears to be in on the joke too.

"Of course it's genuine - silly muggles. In fact it's magic..." she later tweeted.