Harry Potter actor Emma Watson has reportedly donated a whopping £1m to an anti-harassment campaign set up in order to be "a catalyst for change" around the world.

A slew of high-profile female celebrities - including Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker alongside Emma Thompson, Miranda Hart and Noomi Rapace - have now signed a letter of intent which aims to help boost donations for the so-called UK Justice and Equality Fund.

It will offer advice, support and legal aid for victims of sexual harassment at work, its website states.

"We believe we need to use our power as communicators and connectors to shift the way society sees and treats us," the letter reads, published in The Observer (18 February). "We need to examine the kind of womanhood our industry promotes and sells to the world."

The movement comes following the well-publicised sexual assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, which was the catalyst for the MeToo movement. A second campaign, dubbed Time's Up, is rapidly gaining traction in the film industry.

While Watson is one of the first major donors to the new fund, the Guardian reported actors Keira Knightley and Tom Hiddleston have also pledged to contribute £10,000 each.

Women in attendance at the London-based Bafta Awards show on Sunday (18 February) are expected to wear black while walking down the red carpet to show solidarity with victims. The open letter, which also features activists and charity workers, contains nearly 200 signatures.

It reads: "As we approach the Baftas – our industry's time for celebration and acknowledgment, we hope we can celebrate this tremendous moment of solidarity and unity across borders by coming together and making this movement international. Perhaps Time's Up seems a million miles away to you – started by a group of women with privilege.

"The truth is, we are all workers, and whether we're in the limelight or in the shadows, our voices matter. With our collective power, we can galvanise others."

It adds: "The revolution we want and need cannot happen without this resourcing.

"So, we invite you to join us in donating to the new UK Justice and Equality Fund, to spread the word to others and be a catalyst for change. Everyone can make a difference by using your platform, your voice and your power as a changemaker."

The fallout from the Weinstein scandal continues to reverberate across Hollywood. It is expected that new proposals will soon be introduced that will ban nudity during auditions, while also introducing new rules around the mixing of saliva during on-screen kissing.

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emma watson
Emma Watson has reportedly donated £1m to the cause Frazer Harrison/Getty Images