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Figures show 79% arrested for terrorism-related offences were of British, or British dual nationality Getty

The number of terrorism-related arrests in England, Scotland and Wales hit a new high of 315 in the year to September as the arrest of female terror suspects more than doubled over the period, the Home Office has revealed. The ministry said the overall figure was up by a third when compared to September 2014 and arrests of females had surged from 21 to 50.

"The majority of the increase in the number of women getting arrested has been linked to international-related terrorism," the report said.

The official figures also showed 39% (124) of those arrested in the year ending September 2015 have been charged, with a further 22% (68) released on bail. Meanwhile, the Home Office said 37% (115 arrestees) were released without charge.

The Home Office said the vast majority of the suspects (79%) arrested for terrorism-related offences were of British, or British dual nationality, up "considerably" on 11 September when only 56% of those arrested were of British, or British dual nationality.

"At a time of such significant threat, it is only right that our police, security and intelligence agencies take all necessary steps to protect the British public," a Home Office spokesperson told the Press Association. "At the same time we are working in partnership with local groups and communities to challenge those who spread hatred and intolerance. And this government will do everything possible to make sure they have the powers, the capabilities and resources they need."