"Homeland" season 8 finale is set to air next week and the way things are moving forward, we can say it is going to be nothing less than explosive and dramatic. It is one of the most important episodes, as it is expected to answer most of the questions particularly how Saul Berenson's effort to bring peace in Afghanistan end. Here is everything we know so far about the next chapter of the series.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Homeland" season 8 finale. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

The last-aired episode "The English Teacher" saw Carrie carry out her own investigation after failing to get answers from Saul about his asset in Kremlin as hinted by Yevgeny. She discovered that an English Teacher, who is now serving as the Russian Translator in the United Nations, volunteered to be an asset. Carrie dives deep into her probe and discovers red leather books, the source of communication between Saul and Carrie. However, she fails to unveil the identity of the asset and finds herself in her life's dilemma, where she either kills her mentor and old friend Saul as directed by Yevgeny or breaks out war between the US and Pakistan that will end with massive killings and devastation for both the countries.

The cliffhanger ending has got all fans on the edge, wondering what Carrie will do now. However, fans do not have to wait longer. "Homeland" season 8 episode 12 titled "Prisoners of War" airs next week. As per the official synopsis, fans can expect to see a definitive conclusion for Saul and Carrie's final mission. However, before it happens, expect a few confrontations and emotional exchanges between Saul and Carrie.

"Events surrounding Saul and Carrie's final mission come to a conclusion," reads the official description via Spoiler TV.

Meanwhile, the promo for "Homeland" season 8 finale teases some emotionally charged moments for Carrie and conversations between the old allies Saul and Carrie. She is running out of time and Saul is not read to give away the truth about the asset in Kremlin. He continues to deny the existence of such a person even when she finally tells him the truth about her deal with Yevgeny.

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"We are hair-trigger away from annihilation. I know you can stop this now," says Carrie to Saul in the promo.

Will Carrie have to shoot her old friend dead, eventually?

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"Homeland" season 8 episode 12 airs on Sunday, April 26 on Showtime.