With only two episodes left in the final season of the series, "Homeland" season 8 is in full swing. With episode 10's explosive ending, one can conclude that episode 11 is going to be a big one. Here is everything we know so far about the next chapter of the series.

[Spoiler alert1 This article contains spoilers for "Homeland" season 8 episode 11. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

The last-aired episode "Designated Driver" ended with an explosion. A suicide bomber from the Taliban crashes a car loaded with explosives into a bus containing USA's special ops soldiers being returned by Pakistani government at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Before the explosion, we saw chief mechanic Worley confirming that flight recorder hints at mechanical failure in the helicopters leading to the death of the Prime Ministers. Meanwhile, Saul tries to negotiate the exchange of flight recorder with the Russian government.

President Hayes and Pakistani ambassador Rashad's meeting does not go as planned and only intensifies the chances of conflict between the two countries. However, the situation is handled by Wellington, who gets the ambassador to agree upon releasing American special ops officers arrested in Kohat.

Jalal plots an attack on the US and forces Balach to lead the assault or else his family will be killed. As for Carrie, she turns herself in at the CIA station in Kabul and is deported to the USA while in custody.

"Homeland" season 8 episode 11 happens to be the penultimate segment and it is titled "The English Teacher." As usual, the synopsis for the episode gives out scarce details.

When the show returns, it picks up from where it left off in episode 10 and sees Saul hard at work to prove Carrie is not a traitor. As per the description, Carrie wants one last favour.

"Saul backchannels; Carrie seeks out one final favour," reads the synopsis on Spoiler TV.

Meanwhile, the promo reveals that Carrie tries to find out the truth about Saul's double agent in Kremlin. Things are getting out of control in the CIA, but only Saul can help Carrie right now.

Now that Netflix has added season four of Homeland on to its systems, fans who are late to the game can catch up to the latest season in no time Fox 21 Television Studios

"Homeland" season 8 episode 11 airs Sunday, April 19 on Showtime.