David Steer,John Williams, Zak Ward, Rebecca Greenough, Sally Brennard
David Steer,John Williams, Zak Ward, Rebecca Greenough, Sally Brennard

A man's home was invaded by intruders who staged a party and tortured him in a shocking attack on a quiet evening indoors.

Louis Steyn, 42 was relaxing at his home in Burnley, Lancashire, one Thursday evening last October when his peace was completely shattered.

Hearing a knock at the door, he got up up from his sofa and answered the call. On the doorstep was cross-eyed skinhead John Williams, 20, who asked "can I come in for a drink?"

Before Steyn could reply, accomplice David Steer, 26, barged his way past and into the house with the cry "the party's here!" which was full of menace.

Two women; Rebecca Greenough, 18, and Sally Brennand, 19, and one more man, Zak Ward, 25, burst through behind Williams and Steer in to Steyn's home.

The five complete strangers began making themselves comfortable in Steyn's home by stealing alcohol and turning on a music TV channel to full volume.

The gang ignored demands to leave the private property by Steyn. Steer then punched him in the face and launched a vicious attack as he lay on the lounge floor.

Terrified Steyn was then forced to reveal where to find electronic goods, which Burnley Crown Court heard the gang stole and loaded up in to Steyn's Audi car in the driveway.

Amanda Johnson, prosecuting: "The victim was begging the defendants to stop, saying he would show them how to start his car. Ward got a large carving knife," reported the Daily Mail.

"Steer, still unable to start the vehicle, came back into the living room and threats were made to stab the victim.

"Mr Steyn tried to convince the gang he could start the vehicle and they got him to his feet. As he shuffled to the front door, a cloth was fastened around his mouth and tied round his head.

Johnson said Ward announced: " I will deal with this,' adding: 'I'm not back to jail again' then whilst still holding the knife, started wrapping a cloth around his hand.

"Mr Steyn feared for his life, thinking he was going to be stabbed by Zak Ward."

The gang left the scene and drove the Audi to Blackpool, where Steer was stopped by police for running through a red light.

Burnley Crown Court recorder William Smith jailed Steer and Williams for seven years and four months.

Ward did return to jail - with a seven year sentence. Females Greenough and Brennard were jailed for three years and four months each.

Det Con John Dodrill from Lancashire Police said: "This incident had a devastating effect on the victim. Robbery is a very personal crime and the man has been left feeling terrified and violated in his own home."