House speaker Paul Ryan has denied rumours he is planning to step down from his role, suggesting it is just "typical chatter" that surfaces every few years.

The Republican clarified he was intending to run for a two-year term as speaker in 2017, as he had "unfinished work to do".

Responding to a question about the rumours, Ryan told WTAQ's The Jerry Bader Show "This is the typical chatter you have every two years. They call it 'palace intrigue' in the Hill rags. I am going to seek staying on as Speaker.

"There's a lot of unfinished work to do, and I think I can do a lot to help our cause and our country. I've led us to offer a very comprehensive agenda to take to the country and I want to execute and implement that agenda."

However, it is believed a senior member of the GOP told The Hill speculation was rife that the house speaker would not continue in his role, with some Republicans suggesting they would not back him to remain in his post.

The Republican has hit the headlines on several occasions during the election cycle due to his fractious relationship with Donald Trump, prompting the GOP nominee to suggest Ryan was part of a "sinister plot" against him from within the party.

Ryan was also criticised by Trump for failing to endorse him quickly enough, while the house speaker responded to the leaked footage of Trump making lewd comments about women by stating he "was done defending him".