The House of Commons
The change to the Housing Bill amendment was defeated by 312 votes to 219 by MPs Reuters

On Tuesday 12 January, Tory MPs voted against an amendment to force landlords to ensure their properties are fit for human habitation. The amendment, brought forward by the Labour party, was defeated by a House of Commons vote by 312 votes to 219.

The move to make sure landlords keep their properties up to a liveable standard, such as not allowing mould to set in, was overwhelmingly rejected by the Conservatives, with not a single MP in the party who voted agreeing with the motion.

It later emerged 72 of the Tory MPs who voted against the motion were landlord themselves. Overall, there are 95 Tory MPs were currently make at least £10,000 ($14,000) additional income from renting out property – nearly 30% of the total number of Conservative politicians – according to register of members' financial interests.

The other parties also have several MPs who make at least £10,000 a year as a landlord, including 25 from Labour and seven from the SNP.

Below is a list of all other party MPs who registered themselves as receiving at least £10,000 a year as a landlord, as well as how they voted in the Housing and Planning Bill amendment vote.

NamePartyHow they voted
Rushanara AliLabAbstained
Adrian BaileyLabAye
Clive BettsLabAye
Lyn BrownLabAye
Chris BryantLabAye
Andy BurnhamLabAye
Ruth CadburyLabAye
Ann ClwydLabAbstained
Geraint DaviesLabAye
Bill EstersonLabAye
Meg HillierLabAye
David LammyLabAye
Chris LeslieLabAye
Fiona MactaggartLabAye
Madeleine MoonLabAye
Seema MalhotraLabAye
Steve McCabeLabAye
Alasdair McDonnellLabAbstained
Pat McFaddenLabAye
Ian MurrayLabAye
Joan RyanLabAye
Andrew SmithLabAye
Mark TamiLabAye
Gareth ThomasLabAye
Emily ThornberryLabAye
Tasmina Ahmed-SheikhSNPAbstained
Richard ArklessSNPAbstained
Ian BlackfordSNPAbstained
Lisa CameronSNPAbstained
Calum KerrSNPAbstained
Angus Brendan MacNeilSNPAbstained
Michelle ThomsonSNPAbstained
Douglas CarswellUKIPNo
Danny KinahanUUPNo
Norman LambLib DemAbstained
Danny SimpsonDUPAbstained
John BercowSpeakerRefrain from voting

Below is a full list of the 95 Tory MPs who currently receiving additional income as a landlord, including the 72 who voted against the fit for human habitation amendment.

NamePartyHow they voted
Nigel AdamsConsNo
Peter AldousConsNo
Stuart AndrewConsNo
Victoria AtkinsConsNo
John BaronConsAbstained
Richard BenyonConsAbstained
Jake BerryConsNo
James BerryConsNo
Bob BlackmanConsNo
Victoria BorwickConsNo
Sir Peter BottomleyConsNo
Fiona BruceConsNo
Robert BucklandConsNo
Alan CairnsConsNo
David CameronConsNo
Alex ChalkConsNo
James CleverlyConsNo
Damien CollinsConsNo
Geoffrey Clifton-BrownConsNo
Geoffry CoxConsNo
Glyn DaviesConsAbstained
Mims DaviesConsNo
Philip DaviesConsNo
Richard DraxConsAbstained
James DuddridgeConsNo
Sir Alan DuncanConsNo
Phillip DunneConsNo
Jane EllisonConsNo
George EusticeConsAbstained
Liam FoxConsAbstained
Mike FreerConsNo
Richard FullerConsNo
John GlenConsNo
Robert GoodwillConsNo
James GrayConsAbstained
Chris GraylingConsNo
Dominic GrieveConsNo
Richard HarringtonConsAbstained
James HeappyConsAbstained
Chris Heaton-HarrisConsNo
Peter Heaton-JonesConsNo
George HollingberyConsNo
Kevin HollinrakeConsNo
Philip HolloboneConsNo
Jeremy HuntConsNo
Nick HurdConsNo
Stewart JacksonConsNo
Margot JamesConsNo
Sajid JavidConsNo
Bernard JenkinConsNo
Joseph JohnsonConsNo
Simon KirbyConsTellno
Sir Greg KnightConsNo
Oliver LetwinConsNo
Brandon LewisConsNo
Julian LewisConsNo
Craig MackinlayConsNo
Tania MathiasConsNo
Karl McCartneyConsNo
Andrew MitchellConsAbstained
Anne Marie MorrisConsNo
David MorrisConsNo
Sheryll MurrayConsNo
Robert NeillConsNo
Sarah NewtonConsTellno
Jesse NormanConsNo
David NuttallConsNo
George OsborneConsAbstained
Neil ParishConsNo
Owen PatersonConsNo
Mark PawseyConsNo
Rebecca PowConsNo
Mark PriskConsNo
Jeremy QuinnConsNo
Jacob Rees-MoggConsNo
Laurence RobertsonConsNo
Antionette SandbackConsAbstained
Julian SmithConsNo
Royston SmithConsNo
Mark SpencerConsNo
John StevensonConsNo
Rsihi SunakConsNo
Derek ThomasConsNo
Maggie ThroupConsNo
Edward TimpsonConsAbstained
Anne-Marie TrevelyanConsNo
Tom TugendhatConsNo
Andrew TurnerConsNo
Keith VazConsAbstained
Theresa VilliersConsNo
Ben WallaceConsNo
David WarburtonConsNo
Craig WhittakerConsNo
John WhittingdaleConsNo
Nadhim ZahawiConsNo