IKEA have announced a mass recall of 29 million dressers on Tuesday, 28 June after a number of toddlers have reportedly died being crushed by the tipping furniture. A spokesman for IKEA said that the recall only affects the store in the United States and Canada and dressers would not be recalled in the UK and Ireland.

"IKEA chests of drawers are safe when anchored to the wall per the assembly instruction, using the tip over restraint provided with the product," said a spokesperson, "accidents related to furniture tipping over is a serious home safety issue for the entire home furnishing industry and IKEA is committed to take the lead in addressing this challenge."

ABC in the US reported that at least six children have been crushed by the IKEA chests falling on them, with 36 others being injured. The most recent death was in February while others date as far back as 1989, all the children were under the age of four.

Worried customers in the UK are told that they are welcome to contact the company on 0203 645 0010 to request a free replacement restraint kit. IKEA have previously offered wall attachment kits to people who did not use the one originally provided.

IKEA said in a statement to ABC: "It is clear that there are still unsecured products in customers' homes, and we believe that taking further action is the right thing to do."

The affected dressers come from IKEA's MALM range and a number of others. "The recall affects children's chests and dressers taller than 23.5 inches and adult chests and dressers taller than 29.5 inches that do not meet the performance requirements of the U.S. voluntary industry standard" said the company.

The company also told customers to "immediately stop using any recalled chest or dresser that is not properly anchored to the wall and place in an area not accessible to children".

Along with the MALM three, four, five and six drawer dressers, a number of other products are affected by the recall and are eligible for either a free wall-anchoring repair kit or a full or partial refund. Those in North America who want to participate in the recall are asked to call (866) 856-4532 from 9 a.m. to 12 midnight ET.

Other affected products

ALESUND 4-drawers

ALVESTA 5-drawers

ANEBODA 3-drawers, 5-drawers

ANGUS chest of drawers

ÅNES 4-drawers

ARUP 4-drawers, 6-drawers

ASKEDAL 4-drawers, 6-drawers

ASKVOLL 5-drawers

ASPELUND 2-drawers, 3-drawers, 4-drawers

BALSTAR 6-drawers, 10-drawers

BANKERYD 3-drawers, 5-drawers

BERGSMO 8-drawers

BIALITT 3-drawers, 6-drawers

BIRKELAND 3-drawers, 6-drawers

BJÖRKVALLA 5-drawers, 6-drawers

BJÖRN 4-drawers, 6-drawers, 8-drawers

BLIMP chest of drawers

BOJ chest of drawers

BOKSTA 6-drawers

BRETT 3-drawers

BRIMNES 2-drawers, 3-drawers, 4-drawers

BRUSALI 3-drawers, 4-drawers

BUSUNGE 2-drawers

DIKTAD changing table/chest of drawers

EDLAND 2-drawers, 3-drawers, 5-drawers, 6-drawers

ELIS chest of drawers

ENGAN 2-drawers/2-door, 4-drawers

ESKIL 5-drawers

FJELL 4-drawers

FJORD 3-drawers, 5-drawers, 6-drawers, 7-drawers, 8-drawers

FLATEN 3-drawers, 5-drawers, 6-drawers, 7-drawers

FRIDOLIN 7-drawers, 11-drawers

GUTE 4-drawers, 6-drawers, 8-drawers, 10-drawers

GRANAS 4-drawers, 6-drawers

HADDAL 3-drawers, 4 drawers

HAJDEBY chest of drawers

HEMNES 2-drawers/1 shelf, 3-drawers, 5-drawers, 6-drawers stained pine, mirror chest

HENSVIK 3-drawers

HERRESTAD 4 drawers

HOPEN 4-drawers, 6-drawers, 8-drawers

HOSTELAND 4-drawers, 6-drawers

HOLLEBY chest of drawers

HOVDA double chest

HURDAL 3-drawers, 5-drawers (22 inches wide)

KABIN 4 drawers, 6 drawers, 8 drawers

KIRKENES 5 drawers

KNOT 3-drawers

KOPPANG 3-drawers

KUSK 3-drawers

KULLEN 5-drawers

KURS 3-drawers, 4-drawers, 6 drawers

KVIBY 4-drawers

LEKSVIK 2-drawers, 4-drawers, 5-drawers, 6-drawers, 7-drawers

LO 3-drawers

LOMEN 3-drawers, 2 drawers/2 door chest

MAC 5-drawers 6-drawers 8-drawers

MAST 6-drawers

MAMMUT 3-drawers, 4-drawers, chest of drawers

MANDAL 3-drawers, 4-drawers, 6-drawers

MERÅKER 4-drawers, 7-drawers

MIDSUND 5-drawers

NATURA 4-drawers, 5-drawers

NARVIK 3-drawers chest, changing table/chest of drawers, 5 drawers, 6-drawers

NORDLI 3-drawers, 4-drawers (15,7 inches wide)

NORDNES 10-drawers

NORNÄS 4-drawers/2-compartments

NYVOLL 3-drawers, 6-drawers

OTTENBY 5-drawers

RANVIK 5-drawers

RAKKE 5-drawers

RAMBERG 3-drawers

RODD 3-drawers, 5-drawers

ROBIN 3-drawers, 8-drawers

RUSTIK chest of drawers

SALA 3-drawers

SANDEFJORD 5-drawers

STOCKHOLM 4-drawers

STRANDA 4-drawers

STUVA chest of drawers

SUNDVIK changing table/chest of drawers

SVEIO 5-drawers

STAVANGER 5-drawers

SYDVAST 3-drawers, 6-drawers, 7-drawers

TARVA 3-drawers, 5-drawers, 6-drawers

TASSA 3-drawers

TRANDUM 3-drawers

TORE chest of drawers

TOVIK 3-drawers

TRANDUM 6-drawers

TROGEN 3-drawers, chest of drawers

TROFAST chest of drawers

TRONDHEIM 3-drawers, 4-drawers, 6-drawers

TRYSIL 3-drawers

TYSSEDAL 4-drawers, 6-drawers

UNDREDAL 4-drawers

VARDE 6-drawers

VALLVIK 3-drawers, 6-drawers

VAJER 4-drawers, 6-drawers

VESTBY chest of drawers

VINSTRA 3-drawers, 6-drawers

VISDALEN 7-drawers, 6-drawers

VOLLEN 3-drawers