How I Met Your Mother Season 9
Ted and the Mother ultimately lived happily ever after. How I Met Your Mother/Facebook

If you are still upset with the ending of How I Met Your Mother series finale, then there is a reason for you to feel happy.

The alternative happy ending video that would be included in the DVD and Blu-ray, as promised by show creators and producers, has been leaked online.

The popular sitcom's sad ending had created an online furore among fans and the HIMYM co-creator Carte Bay had promised that the show will indeed have a happy ending in the DVD, which was scheduled to release on 23 September this year, Zap2it reported.

The happy ending video features Ted meeting the mother at the train station. The couple has their storybook romance and is living a happier life with the mother.

"And that, kids, is how I met your mother," Ted concludes with the voiceover of a new Bob Saget.

The original leaked video has been taken down immediately after the leak; however, the fan-made video mirrors much of the original ending (if the show creators won't change post the unfortunate leak).

Watch the video here.