How I Met Your Mother Season 9
Ted and the gang recalls the day when they decided to include Robin into their group. How I Met Your Mother/Facebook

After nine years of non-stop entertainment, the fan favorite series How I Met Your Mother is all set to bid a teary farewell by airing the most-awaited finale episode on Monday.

The finale of the popular sitcom will address all questions that remained unanswered throughout the series and fans can't just wait for it.

Meanwhile, CBS keeps teasing HIMYM fans with photos and previews while keeping the finale suspense intact. The latest clip features the gang in flashback moment during Barney and Robin's wedding.

The finale clip features a flashback sequence from season 1 showing Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), Ted (Josh Radnor), Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) thinking of including Robin(Cobie Smulders) into their group because Robin is seen complaining about her job and 'no friends' life.

Then the clip fast-forwards to the wedding where the friend's gang are seen chit chatting while the just married couple Barney and Robin dance joyfully. Fans will agree that they both look cute together.

"That son of a b--h did it," Ted says and Lily replies "He really did."

Watch the exclusive clip here:

During the nine seasons of HIMYM, the series creators have given countless hints, flashbacks and forwards about what is in store for Ted Mosby and The Mother in 2030.

Fan Theory no.1: The Mother dies in 2030

This is one of the most popular fan theories and if true, it could break many loyal hearts that are following Ted's life since nine long years.

Fan Theory no.2: Ted has Alzheimer's disease

Other fan theory suggests that Ted is actually suffering from Alzheimer's disease and his children are worn-out of his stories as there is no cheer on their face while listening to Ted's stories, And, the Mother remains worried about Ted living in the past.

So if Ted has Alzheimer's, the stories that were most loved by fans for nine years might just turn into Ted's mere imagination.

Fans who wanted to see Ted and Robin together feel that at the end, they both will hook up and the Mother will be nowhere in the scene.

However, show director Pam Fryman maintains that there will be a great ending and every one will remain happy by the end of the finale, TV Guide reported.

"People are so sure and they have such an opinions about what they think is going to happen, but nobody is 100 percent right," she told TV Guide. "I think people will be happy with the way this plays out. It's a great ending."

The "How I Met Your Mother" finale "Last gForever Parts One and Two," will air on Monday, 31 March on CBS.