How I Met Your Mother
200th episode of How I Met Your Mother airs on Jan. 27, 2014 Kwintin / Flickr

How I Met Your Mother fans will finally get a glimpse into the Mother's backstory in the show's new episode titled How Your Mother Met Me, that airs on Monday (January 27).

The episode will be told from the Mother's (Cristin Milioti) perspective and will show what she has been up to over the show's duration. As per a report in SeattlePi, the episode will recount the last eight and a half years of her life before she met Ted (Josh Radnor).

Reportedly, even the show's opening credits have been altered to feature the future Mrs Mosby.

"They've showed Ted for 200 episodes, so the least they could do is give her one!" Radnor tells

"You learn a lot about what her journey's been like. It's really fantastic," he adds.

Throughout the previous seasons HIMYM, there have been several moments where Ted and the Mother have had close calls: She was present in the economics class that Ted mistakenly started lecturing. The time when Ted picked up her yellow umbrella after the St. Patrick's Day Party. And then there was Ted's run-in with her roommate where he caught a glimpse of the Mother's foot.

Executive Producer Carter Bays also said at the show's Television Critics Association winter previews event, that the show has recreated a little piece of the pilot and used some "fun trickery" to include the Mother into past scenes.

"It's a fun little Disneyland tour through the series from the perspective of someone outside the group," he says. "We tried to not just make it like playing bingo, like, 'We gotta do that and we gotta do that.' It's kind of its own little short film ... and we could not have done this with any other actress. Cristin's been amazing. It feels like a pilot for a totally different show. ... I don't want to oversell this episode too much, but it gets me when I think about it."

According to Milioti, the episode, with all its parallels, "unfolds so organically and beautifully" that it will be a treat for fans who have been following the show. "I think it's so special. You will not be disappointed," she said.