Twitter threads could be officially supported by the social media platform in a future update, a supposed leaked image has shown.

Threaded posts, also sometimes referred to as 'Tweetstorms', have become a popular way for users to relay their opinions on any number of topics with more depth (or rambling) than is possible for a single 140-character tweet.

Currently, those hoping to craft a 'Tweetstorm' have to reply to each new post one after the other, with the author usually adding numbers to convey the correct order to readers.

This can become something of a problem for more extreme threads, as keeping track of each sequential post can be hard to manage.

Perhaps seeing the blog-like craze and hoping to nurture it, Twitter could be about to make the whole process much simpler.

A Twitter user under the name Devesh Logendran shared an image with The Next Web's social media director, Matt Navarra, that showed a single draft with multiple tweets chained together (Twitter screenshots embedded below).

A "Tweet All" button can also be seen, suggesting that the secret feature would be able to post all of the tweets in one go. Another image showing an Android notification even includes the phrase "Tweeting your thread".

TechCrunch sources claim that the feature is not available for public testing in any form, and the site was told by a Twitter spokesperson that the social media company had "no comment to share on the record".

While it seems likely the feature will come to light in the near future, there are programs already available which do the threading work for you, such as the Android and iOS app, Storm It.