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Network marketing expert Martin Thibeault is sharing his inspirational story and sharing the wealth. He has reached success through network marketing and wants people to know that they can too. Although public speaking does not come naturally to him, Thibeault is facing his fears and speaking to large crowds because he knows they need to hear what he has to say. Thibeault is a mentor to novice network marketers because of his own success in the profession.

Martin Thibeault
Martin Thibeault Martin Thibeault

Thibeault officially fired his boss in 2010 after working as a carpenter for most of his life. Fed up with his hard work not paying off monetarily and wanting to be his own boss for a change, he took matters into his own hands. While he started two businesses they were unfortunately unsuccessful. However, during this difficult time, he was introduced to the network marketing industry. Thibeault fell in love with the idea of being your own boss and the potential to earn unlimited income, and worked hard to make himself proficient at the fundamentals of network marketing. While his career was moving along steadily, his success reached new heights in 2017 after Thibeault found the blockchain revolution. The combination of network marketing and cryptocurrency elevated his wealth and success.

Thibeault's network marketing and cryptocurrency prowess have changed his life. With network marketing alone, he was able to become debt-free by 2018. Today, he lives a relatively stress-free life after moving from Canada to Malta with his wife. He is able to travel all over the world for pleasure and business. After building a strong presence in the network marketing world, Thibeault joined the advisory board of the first network marketing company he joined in 2019. This experience reignited his interest in being an entrepreneur. In 2020, he co-founded the marketing arm of a massive global conglomerate's blockchain platform. The company earned their way to a billion dollars in revenue in 2023.

Thibeault regularly gives motivational trainings about the power of network marketing and decentralized finance. While he is naturally introverted and fears public speaking, Thibeault pushes himself out of his comfort zone because he knows how important his message is. He speaks at large conferences often because he needs ordinary people to know that there is an alternative path to the one they were told they should follow. As a leader in network marketing, Thibeault is confident that anyone can become a successful innovator through hard work and dedication.

From carpenter to million dollar hall of fame earner in the network marketing profession, Martin Thibeault is an inspiration to anyone who wants to add an extra stream of income to their financial portfolion or even fire their boss and regain ownership of their life. If you have failed at branching out on your own before, so did Thibeault. Network marketing is all about making connections, so it may seem like a poor choice for an introvert, but Thibeault still made it work. Even with the deck stacked against you, network marketing is a viable option.