A smartwatch prototype from HTC, which has been rumoured to be in works since long, has surfaced on social media in China in images that show off the specs of the upcoming Android Wear. The Taiwanese electronics company is among a few smartphone manufactures that still does not have a wearable to its name.

The smartwatch, dubbed Halfbeak, has a round dial like Samsung's Gear S models and comes with a 360x360 display with relatively small bezels. The back of the watch shows off a heart rate sensor, a HTC logo and pins for charging. Two physical buttons can also be seen on the right side for navigation.

The screen of the smartwatch shows it is running on Android Wear, but the version is unclear. In case the smartwatch is launched by 2016, it is less likely to be the latest Android Wear version as Google recently pushed the roll out of Android 2.0 to 2017.

Although there is no clarity on the release date of the HTC smartwatch, reports indicate that there could be a few hardware offerings at HTC's upcoming event in late October.

While other Asian consumer electronic goods manufacturers like LG, Asus, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola having unveiled smartwatches in the past years, HTC has refrained from doing so. The company has been in turmoil due to its dwindling revenues and could finally look at options other than smartphones.