Hundreds of people have protested outside of the House of Parliament to call for the British government to give reparations to African countries affected by colonialism. The Stop the Maangamizi march walked from Brixton to Parliament Square on 1 August.

Demonstrators could be heard shouting "Black Power" and "enough is enough" during the rally. After the demonstration outside the House of Commons, they handed in a petition for new UK prime minister Theresa May, demanding African countries are paid reparations for colonial actions, and that the government apologise.

Maangamizi is a Swahili term, which roughly translates to 'African holocaust'. The rally coincided with Reparations Day across the world.

The march is part of a worldwide campaign by the International Social Movement for African Reparations to raise awareness of their issue. This is the third year in a row they have helped put on the rally.