Hurricane Dorian has reached the east coast of the United States of America after causing devastation in The Bahamas. The category 3 storm has regained strength as it moved up the Carolina coastline. After the storm headed away from the Bahamas, the Bahamian government was able to assess the damage caused. 20 people have been officially declared dead in the area.

When the storm hit the Bahamas, it was a category 5 hurricane. Wind speeds of 185mph (298km/h) decimated Abaco as well as Grand Bahama island. The devastating storm is one of the most powerful hurricanes recorded in recent history. Not only was the storm powerful, but it was also slow-moving and unpredictable.

The devastation in the Bahamas was caused by the storm hitting the islands and then stalling just north of Grand Bahama. The stalled storm caused more rainfall, which resulted in life-threatening floods. However, as it stalled, it weakened from a category 5 storm to a category 3. It was expected to become a category 2 storm as it hugged the US coast but after moving away from Florida, the storm has picked up wind speed.

grand bahamas after dorian
People on Grand Bahama were using jet skis and boats to pluck victims from homes flooded and pulverized by heavy rain and lashing winds. US Coast Guard / Adam Stanton

Currently, the wind speed is 115mph (185km/h). Hurricane alert has been issued throughout the area between Georgia and Virginia. The US National Hurricane Centre (NHC) has been tracking and announcing the path of the storm. Once the storm passes over the South and North Carolina coast, it is expected to turn northeast by Thursday night.

Areas in South Carolina, like Charleston, are flooded as a result of the storm. Large areas of the state are facing long power cuts. In the Bahamas, property damage has been accompanied by the loss of 20 lives as of Thursday. The death toll may increase as the country recovers from the damages.

Disney Cruise line had been forced to leave the Castaway Cay island staff on the island when the storm hit the Bahamas. Newsweek shared a report that the staff had taken shelter during the storm and were safe after the storm passed. The staff has now been able to leave the island, but it will remain shut until the island has been inspected and deemed safe for guests. Disney Cruises even donated $1m (£81k) to Dorian Relief.

US President Donald Trump addressed the nation over national television. During his public update regarding the hurricane, Trump was seen to be showing an incorrect map. Earlier, Trump had falsely stated the storm will be affecting Alabama.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham had tweeted that the information was incorrect and the storm would not be heading to Alabama. Trump's public address showed a map which looped in Alabama as part of the areas affected by the hurricane. Trump continued to tweet that Alabama was a part of early predictions hence his information was not incorrect.

Since the storm has already moved north, there is no chance of Alabama being affected by the storm anymore.