US President Donald Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka Trump has been viciously slammed for saying that she strongly believes that American workers are the "best" in the world. During an interview with Fox News, Ivanka Trump said: "I believe with my heart and soul, and my father does and this administration does, that no one can best the American worker."

"There is no group of people more innovative, more motivated, more capable," she continued. "But there's got to be a level playing field." She said the country's "cumbersome" tax system needs to be changed to a "level the playing field" for both individuals and corporations.

"The reality is, simplification of our tax code democratizes it," Trump said. "You know, if you have a tax code that the average person can't understand. Who's that going to benefit? It benefits the person with the army of accountants, army of lawyers, who can help them find the loophole in the nuance."

The 35-year-old's remarks come as her father's administration continues to push for an overhaul of the US tax code. Last month, Trump unveiled his tax reform plan which calls for three individual tax rates of 12%, 25% and 35% and lowers the corporate rate from 35% to 20%.

Despite her praise for the American worker, Twitter furiously slammed Ivanka in light of the fact that most of the fashion company's apparel are made in China and Vietnam.

Many also pointed out that clothes and accessories sold by her father's companies were also made overseas.

"Why are your products made overseas? How does that help the American worker? #Hypocrite"

"It's absolutely stunning that people let this monumental level of bullsh*t slide," Cougar Town actor Bob Clendenin tweeted. Producer Judd Apatow wrote: "What a f**king joke. Most all of her stuff is made outside the USA. These people have no shame. Register to vote. Let's end this."

One Twitter user wrote: "Reality and the truth are only exist in the abstract at this point. Ivanka and her ilk serve only to enrich the family."

Many people also responded with a slew of photos of various Trump products that were made overseas.

"I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Ivanka has NO CLUE about anything to do with 'the American worker'. Or even 'work' for that matter," one person said.