Homeland season 6 finale that aired on 9 April on Showtime featured the death of a major character, and it established that Dar Adal was right all along. As it turns out, there is "something distinctly un-American" about Elizabeth Keane.

Rupert Friend's character Peter Quinn has escaped death many times in Homeland, but he was not lucky in Homeland season 6 finale titled, America First.

Quinn sacrificed his life rescuing Keane and Carrie. "Do what I say," were Quinn's last words to Carrie as he drove the president's black SUV through a hail of bullets to get them to safety before dying in the driver's seat.

Twitter went into a meltdown following Quinn's heroic death, as one user wrote, "RIP Peter Quinn, I can't stop crying @rupertfriend". Sharing a gif of a man crying, another user wrote, "This is me when #PeterQuinn died tonight on #Homeland it wasn't pretty."

A fan wrote, "NOOOOOOOO!!! Peter Quinn is dead" Another noted, "They killed Peter Quinn. So sad. Best character."

Rupert Friend took to Twitter and posted a photo of Peter Quinn, hinting at the obvious death. Alongside the image, he wrote, "Goodnight, and good luck. @SHO_Homeland #homeland".

The episode ended with Saul being put under arrest, alongside the officials from CIA and the State Department for being complicit in the assassination attempt of Keane. Carrie pleads with president, "Innocent people are being arrested in your name!" but she just sits in her room, not paying heed to her calls, hinting that Adal may have been right after all.

Speaking about the finale, Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa previously, told Variety, "We really hope that this year's finale sets up the final progression of this series" and added, "Shocked is always a good emotion to evoke as well, so I guess I would hope they would be shocked as well."