A man from Ohio pleaded guilty to child sex crimes and was sentenced by a Cuyahoga County court to 35 years to life in prison. Following the sentencing, footage of the arrest was released to Fox8 earlier this week and shows the tearful man crying as he confesses to hurting a young girl.

In July, 2017, Mark Fry drove around Richfield till he managed to flag down a police vehicle. He then asked the officers to take him to jail.

"I was trying to get to the police station. I don't know where the police station's at," he is heard explaining as he sits shirtless, in the backseat of the police car.

"I'm sick," Fry says as he holds his head in his hands and cries. When the officer asks him to explain what he did, the 22 year old continues: "I hurt her... In a way somebody should never be hurt."

Fry was referring to the seven-year-old girl he kidnapped from outside her home on Ruby Avenue before spending hours sexually assaulting her. The child was found in the backseat of his car at the time of the arrest.

"She'll tell you about it," Fry told the arresting officer who was trying to obtain details of the crimes committed.

Speaking to a local news station post the trial, Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Jeff Schnatter described the man's voluntary confession an "exception to the rule".

"Obviously there's a lot of news about victims of sex offenses coming forward, so I think there's a feeling of safety to come forward," he said.