A Florida high school teacher has been suspended without pay after it was alleged that he was sexually involved with one of his female students.

Dirk Hilyard of Hollywood Hills High School is accused of having sex and exchanging sexual text messages with a female student, whose age has not been disclosed. The school district has also alleged that the 53-year-old had kissed and held the girl's hand in public and the duo had spent a night at a Naples hotel during the 2015-2016 school year.

The Daily Mail reported that Hilyard had once given a note to the student during school hours, saying, "I want you to be my sex slave, call me sir or daddy", to which the girl replied: "Whatever you want daddy".

The English teacher reportedly threw away the note after the message was passed but some students recovered it from the trash. The official complaint filed against Hilyard stated that on several occasions he and the student were seen entering the classroom, locking the door, and turning off the lights.

The 30-year-teacher, who served as head coach of the boys' soccer team, is also accused of privately messaging the girl on Twitter and Facebook and exchanging "graphic sexual" content online. However, it was not immediately clear whether Hilyard faces any criminal charges.

Under Florida law, teachers are typically prosecuted if the student's age is below the legal age of consent, which is 18.

Hilyard refuted the allegations on Wednesday (29 November) and said his lawyer "and I are fighting those". The Sun-Sentinel reported that the accused had worked for the school since 1987.

This is not the first time Hilyard has been accused of inappropriate conduct. In 1995, a female student had alleged that he "grabbed and/or touched her in a way she perceived as being offensive". He was ordered "to use better judgment and to cease and desist with any type of story or metaphor that has sexual connotations" at that time.