Towards the end of our conversation, Harry Leslie Smith says that he treats each of his growing number of media appearances with trepidation.

"I fear I'll never become an old hand at this," he says, removing his glasses after 40 minutes of conversation, in which he puts forwards his well-reasoned views on society.

He bemoans the lack of choice at the top table of western politics. He doubts whether the Labour Party – at whose annual conference he delivered such an explosive speech in October – has the political strength to deliver real change. And he fears for the future of a National Health Service which he's seen save the lives of millions, only to be dismantled again, before his eyes.

Harry Leslie Smith Interview Part 2 - Watch it here

In short, Harry's policies are in line with so many disenfranchised people in Britain, that he may have to get over his trepidation. For the views of this 91-year-old RAF veteran turn author is going to be bang in demand.

IBTimes UK had the pleasure of spending the morning with Harry. The results of the conversation will be released in two videos, the first of which you can view above.

Harry's Last Stand, published by Icon Books is a searing modern polemic that shows, with the indisputable force of lived experience, why the past shouldn't stay buried, and the future is ours for the taking. Available now.