• Sri Lanka win the toss and Angelo Mathews decides to bat first
  • Sri Lanka 332/1 from 50 overs
  • Dilshan 161* Sangakkara 105* Thirimanne 52
  • Dilshan and Sangakkara managed 210 runs partnership
  • Bangladesh all out for 240 in 47 overs.
  • Sri Lanka win 92 runs.
Tillakaratne Dilshan-Kumar Sangakkara

That's it from us. Sri Lanka have defeated Bangladesh by 92 runs. Hope you have enjoyed our coverage of today's match.

We will be back for tomorrow's big clash of Group B between South Africa and West Indies. Read IBTimes UK's preview of the game by clicking here. Bye for now.


Angelo Mathews

They [Dilshan and Sangakkara] were brilliant, they batted us through and Dilshan was amazing. It was a calculated effort and it was a clinical performance. I won't say clinical because we were slightly sloppy on the field, we could have done better. But once we got the runs bowlers got to bowl freely. It's important to peak at the right time and when it comes to the QFs, we'll take it one match at a time.


Mashrafe Mortaza

Fielding cost us but our bowlers were up to the mark and next match we will try to come up with good things. Dilshan and Sangakkara are great players, they showed us today. Without a win you can't think anything and I hope this is our worst game in the tourname


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Tillakaratne Dilshan-Kumar Sangakkara
Dilshan and Sangakkara managed 210 runs partnership [Getty]

Tillakaratne Dilshan

Really happy today because in last game I got out on first ball. I'm enjoying every single moment in the middle and try to enjoy every ball there with the youngsters. Sanga is a great man, no doubt. With him I've had more than 14-15 hundred partnerships.

With him I discussed how to build the partnership and the Powerplay. I also dropped one catch and it's part of the game, but I'm very happy how we came back and Malinga bowled well. We bowled and fielded well.


Bangladesh all out for 240 in 47 overs. Sri Lanka win 92 runs.


Over 47: Bangladesh 240 for 10: Rubel Hossain 0 (5)

Malinga is bowling his ninth over and starts with a dot ball. Sabbit flicks toward deep mid wicket and gets a couple. He moves to 49. A short pitch delivery from Malinga and Sabbir places it towards fine leg for a boundary. That brings his 50.

Another short pitch delivery and this time it outside off stump. Sabbir gives a simple to Sangakkara and that is the end of his innings. Sri Lanka are one wicket away from a victory. Taskin Ahmed is the new man in the middle and he gets out for a golden duck.

That's the end of the match as Sri Lanka win by 93 runs.


WICKET...!!! Sabbir Rahman 53 (63) c Sangakkara b Malinga


Bangladesh are looking to play full 50 overs in order to reduce the impact on the net run rate, which could decide a team's fate in making it to the next round of the World Cup.


Over 46: Bangladesh 234 for 8: Rubel Hossain 0 (5), Sabbir Rahman 46 (55)

Dilshan is bowling his eighth over. A slower delivery takes a top edge as Sabbir tires to sweep. Luckily for him it falls just ahead of Sangakkara as he chases the ball. He then pulls towards square leg for a single, which brings Taskin on strike. Just one run from the over.


Over 45: Bangladesh 233 for 8: Rubel Hossain 0 (1), Sabbir Rahman 46 (55)

Mathews continues with six overs left in the match. Sabbir wants a single, but stopped by a fielder. It is followed by another dot ball. The game is more or less won by Sri Lanka and it's just mere formalities now.

Sri Lanka players have realised it and so does Bangladesh batsmen in the middle. Also the respective fans in the stadium know the outcome of this game. Only a miracle can change it.

Sabbir clear the mid off fielder as the ball races towards for four runs. He then places to third man and takes a single to finish the over.


Over 44: Bangladesh 228 for 8: Rubel Hossain 0 (1), Sabbir Rahman 41 (49)

Dilshan replaces Herath, who completed his quota of 10 overs. Sabbir reverse sweeps and the short third man misses the ball completely as the ball raises to the boundary. Dilshan bowls leg off stump and results in a wide. Sabbir's foot moment gave Sangakkara an opportunity for stumping.

The square leg umpire refers it upstairs and the third umpire after reviewing with the help of replays suggests it's not out. Sabbir then takes a quick single. Dilshan bowls another wide, this time it is way towards second leg slip.

Mortaza comes out and misses the ball, Sangakkara dismantles the bails even before Mortaza can keep make the ground. Taskin Ahmed is the new man in the middle and he finishes the over with a dot ball.


WICKET..!!! Mashrafe Mortaza 7 (7) st Sangakkara b Dilshan


Over 43: Bangladesh 222 for 7: Mashrafe Mortaza 7 (6), Sabbir Rahman 36 (45)

Perera is brought into the attack. The ball pitches on line and hits the pads. Both keeper and the bowler appeals, which is turned down the umpire. Mortaza charges down the pitch and smashes like a tennis shot over the mid wicket for four runs.

Perera complains of back problem and he is off the attack. Mathews will finish the over. Mortaza taps to third man and takes an easy single. Sabbir takes a single. 7 runs off it.


Over 42: Bangladesh 216 for 7: Mashrafe Mortaza 2 (2), Sabbir Rahman 35 (43)

Herath is come to bowl his final over. Mortaza taps for a single and gets Sabbir back on strike. Just one run from first five deliveries. Good over to finish the spell as Herath concedes only one run.


Over 41: Bangladesh 215 for 7: Mashrafe Mortaza 1 (1), Sabbir Rahman 35 (38)

Lakmal continues even after the powerplay. Mushfiqur just flicks towards the fine third man for a boundary. He tries to play going away from the wicket and misses the ball, as the ball hits the stumps. That's the end of Mushfiqur.

Mashrafe Mortaza replaces Mushfiqur and gets off the mark with a single. Sabbir smashes towards deep midwicket and gets four runs as he beats the fielder comfortably. He then places towards third man and the fielder had to dive to save the ball going towards the boundary. Sabbir gets two more runs.


Today's attendance at MCG


WICKET...!!! Mushfiqur Rahim 36 (39) b Lakmal


Over 40: Bangladesh 204 for 6: Mushfiqur Rahim 32 (37), Sabbir Rahman 29 (35)

Last over of Batting Powerplay and Malinga continues. Mushfiqur is on strike. To dot balls to start the over. Mushfiqur takes a single and that brings Bangladesh's 200. Just one run from first four deliveries so far.

Sabbir flicks towards the slips and the ball races towards the boundary in no time. He finishes the over with a dot ball. 5 runs from the over.


Over 39: Bangladesh 197 for 6: Mushfiqur Rahim 31 (34), Sabbir Rahman 25 (32)

Lakmal is bowling his seventh over. After a dot ball, Sabbir takes a single after placing to third man. A quick single from Mushfiqur helps Bangladesh reach 199. That's 38 more runs off Dilshan's individual contribution today. Just 2 runs from it.


Over 38: Bangladesh 197 for 6: Mushfiqur Rahim 30 (33), Sabbir Rahman 24 (27)

Mushfiqur takes a single off Malinga's first delivery. After two dot balls, Sabbir takes a quick double after placing it in a gap towards third man. He finishes the over with a single and four runs have come from it.


Over 37: Bangladesh 193 for 6: Mushfiqur Rahim 29 (32), Sabbir Rahman 21 (22)

Lakmal will continue from the other end as he and Malinga are looking to pick wickets during the powerplay. Sabbir takes a single after tucking one towards third man. He gets back on strike after Mushfiqur takes another single. It is followed by a double from Sabbir towards mid wicket.

A wide forces Lakmal to bowl an extra ball and Sabbir takes two runs off the last ball towards third man in the gap.