A photo from the latest protests in Baton Rouge portraying a peaceful protester arrested by two riot gear-clad officers is being lauded as "powerful," "legendary," and "iconic." The photo, taken by Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman, has gone viral around the world.

Bachman, a New Orleans-based photographer, took the photograph during a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge against the recent killings of black men by police. More than 100 people were arrested during the Saturday (9 July) protest, including the young woman in the image.

The woman in a dress is seen standing calmly as two police officers in head-to-toe tactical armour appear to rush towards her to detain her. Bachman told BuzzFeed News that the unnamed woman was quickly detained. "She was there, she wasn't resisting, and she had every intention of not moving," he said.

Bachman said he nearly missed the iconic moment but was happy he managed to capture it. "That was the first image I transferred [to Reuters] because I knew it was going to be an important photo," he said. "You can take images of plenty of people getting arrested, but I think this one speaks more to the movement and what the demonstrators are trying to accomplish here in Baton Rouge."

The image was shared on Facebook by Shaun King, a senior justice reporter with the New York Daily News, the BBC reported. King reportedly spoke with one of the woman's friends who revealed she remained detained as of Sunday (10 July) afternoon. The woman is a mother to a 5-year-old son, King also reported.

The photo has been shared on Twitter too, with some comparing it to the iconic Tank Man photo taken during the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Brandon Friedman, under the username @BFriedmanDC, wrote, "Baton Rouge PD looks ridiculous. I never wore so much armor in combat. This is their own community."

Protests continued in Baton Rouge and cities across the US on Sunday. Among those arrested was Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson. He was released later the same day.