Finnish police arrested a British citizen for the murder of her child. The woman was identified as 35-year-old Ayesha Ali and the two-year-old child has been identified as her son, Adam. Details of the crime and events leading up to it have been revealed by the police in Finland.

On January 19, Ali's neighbours were alarmed when they heard a woman shouting outside their apartment building in Espoo, 13 miles west of capital Helsinki. The woman, one of Ali's friends, had seemingly come to talk to the distressed mother. The building block is only accessible with the help of keys belonging to the residents, so the woman was unable to enter the building.

The friend kept calling out to Ali telling her that she was there to help. In response to her friend's pleas, Ali shouted back that she wanted to die. A concerned neighbour let the friend into the building and the police were alerted about the incident.

Toddler burned by hot glue gun
A 35-year-old woman killed her 2-year-old son after telling her friends she wanted to kill herself. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Ali's friend did not manage to make her open the third-floor apartment door. When the police arrived, they broke the lock to the apartment. Inside, they found Adam unresponsive and Ali with a neck injury. The police tried to resuscitate the child unsuccessfully. When the police led Ali out of the apartment, she kept saying that she killed her son.

Neighbours recalled seeing Ali living in the apartment since December. They used to see Ali taking Adam out in his stroller at times. The Mirror reported that Ali had been married to Adnane Osmane, who works as an assistant professor of physics at Aalto University. Ali, Osmane, and Adam had moved to Finland in January last year.

The woman from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs had reportedly lived in Canada, UK, and China before moving to Finland. Ali's eight-year-long marriage came to an end in May 2019, when the couple finalised their divorce. The couple shared custody of Adam. Adam was allowed to stay with Ali from Sunday to Tuesday.

Even though Ali admitted to the murder of her son, her father, Imtiaz, claimed that the incident was accidental.