The open casting for Idris Elba's upcoming film was forced to "shut down" last night (8 May) after too many people turned up to audition. Originally advertised last week, the call asked for people aged 16 and above to find out "a bit more about the project".

Just a few hours into the event, Elba took to Instagram – via 7dub's account – to share his gratitude for those who turned up but advised others not to come due to the growing "numbers". The Star Trek Beyond actor said: "What's happening, people? Listen, the response for the open casting has been unbelievable. Thank you so much for sharing the info and for coming down, if you come down.

"If you're standing in line, I promise we will try and see everyone but we've only got til 9 o'clock and already I'm asked to shut it down because of the numbers. I don't want to shut it down but it's looking very likely, I'm just being honest with you guys."

The British star then went on urge people who are keen to be involved in the casting for his upcoming film to send headshots and "a little bit of information" about themselves to the company directly via email. The movie, which is set to be directed by Elba, will be "set in the Afro-Caribbean community in Hackney, 1983".

According to the Evening Standard, police were called to monitor the east London event after hundreds of hopefuls turned up to be seen. The same publication states that some of the auditionees had been queuing outside Whitmore Community Centre in Phillipp Street for longer than three hours.

While he's gearing up to helm the movie, Elba will next be seen in The Dark Tower alongside Matthew McConaughey. In the action adventure fantasy, he plays sharp-shooting protagonist Roland Deschain who teams up with Earth-boy Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) and sets out on a quest to find a mythical tower. His hope? That both its discovery and power will save his dying world and protect Jake's planet too.


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